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The Pets of Left Hand

Posted: June 14, 2023

You know the faces behind Left Hand Brewing….but how well do you know the pets?

Brewery pets aren’t your average pets. If we’re being honest here, the Lefty pets run the show behind the scenes. While you might not see their wagging tails and wet noses in our tasting room, they keep us on top of things behind-the-scenes with their smiles, sass, and zoomies.

Don’t be surprised if you’re required to give a few belly scratches to enter the beer garden this year!

Uncle Lewis     

Nicknames: Louie, Lou Dog, Mr. Dr. Uncle Stinkle, Lou Stank

Pawrent: Amber | Left Hand RiNo Manager

Fun Facts:

  • Doesn't listen to "come", but "want some cheese?" works every d*mn time
  • Ears have been the exact same size since he was 2 months old
  • Loves other dogs, Cherry Creek Dog Park, his cat-brother, Lily, and cheese. Mostly cheese

Lady Sunshine  

Nicknames: Lady Snake, Lil Lump, Tube

Pawrent: Joanna | Brewer

Fun Facts:
  • Loves to slither around in tall grass like a sneaky little snake
  • Somehow a good swimmer??
  • Has matching forked tongues with their parent, Joanna
  • Enjoys watching cartoons
  • Very friendly, loves to hug


Nicknames: Mimi Wreenies, Fluffy Butt, Snuggle Butt, Toilet Paper Monster

Pawrent: Naomi | HR

Fun Facts:
  • Can be found sleeping on the toilet or eating the toilet paper
  • Loves toys (all of them), snuggles, or watching TV on the couch 
  • Into fitness (chasing leaves blowing around in the back yard)
  • Cannot meow, but will squeak. And very opinionated


Nicknames: Lucifer (when she misbehaves), Chunky Monkey, Lu Lu
Pawrent: Naomi | HR
Fun Facts:
  • Named after the infamous Luna Lovegood
  • Quite ditsy and believed to only have two brain cells
  • Must show everyone, at all times, her pride and joy: a string toy
  • Will greet every single tricker treater to offer up pets instead of candy
  • Was a chonky, 13.5 lb kitten


Nicknames: Boose, Boocifer, Bruce, Moose, Fluff Butt, Mister wiggles, Wiggle Butt and Fluffy Boy

Pawrent: Brian | Beertender

Fun Facts:

  • A stick connoisseur. Will seek them out on walks (requirements: must be bigger than him) to bring home to his stash


Nicknames: Guds, Dudder, Doge

Pawrent: Karen | Accounting

Fun Facts:

  • Good at many things, except for jumping over baby gates
  • #1 talent is fake throwing up to go outside whenever he wants
  • Loves to receive pets but may hit you with a damaging silent-but-deadly


Nicknames: Fleo, Bubba, Bubs, Dork, Dobby

Pawrent: Logan | Beertender 

Fun Facts:

  • Loves to hike, cuddle,  play with his cousins and sniff everything
  • Only two modes: Sleep or play
  • Any toy that gets in his way will be destroyed (with love)

Archer & Porter  


Archer (left) | Archie, Archeletto, Archibald, David Archuleta, Baldo, Baldie, Muffin Man 

Porter (right) | Ham, Ham Man, Stinky Ham, Sweet Ham Man, Honey, Pody, Porty, Portamus, Orty, Little Mans

Pawrent: Carly | Graphic Design

Fun Facts:


  • Loves snow, hikes, ramps, carrots, and especially ice cubes
  • #1 enemy is plush toys
  • Fierce eyebrows that will judge your entire life
  • Want to stop petting him? Think again. Your hand will be dragged back by his paw
  • Porter's security blanket


  • Loves his hoodie more than everything except Archer
  • Needs to work on holding eye contact
  • Doesn't realize he's 75 lbs and demands to be in your lap
  • Brick head that makes uncoordinated contact with everything
  • Least favorite channel is Animal Planet. Believes all animals are running at him


Nicknames: Remothy, Stinky Butt, Sweet Potato, Stink Stink, Pumpkin Pie

Pawrent: Amanda | Marketing

Fun Facts:

  • Will dive head-first into any body of water she sees- doesn't matter if it's a puddle, pond, or warm beer dumped off neighbor's balcony
  • Enemies with the slip 'n slide of doom (aka the bathtub)
  • Loves peanut butter, snuggles, Halloween, and judging you


Nicknames: Bunks, Bunker Bunk, Bunker Brown

Pawrent: Britt | Creative Management

Fun Facts: 

  • Spends most of his time chasing his tail or chasing his 9 month old human bestie
  • Only 6 months old but already quite the dapper gentleman on leash

Rey & Leia   


Rey (left) | Bug, Maniac

Leia (right) | Princess, Mama

Pawrent: Eddie | Tasting Room Manager

Fun Facts:


  • Don't let her cute face fool you, her 9-5 job is being an instigator
  • She is her own best friend and loves to entertain herself


  • Quite prissy but knows she's a queen
  • Refuses to meow but will chat your ear off in other ways


Nicknames: Baby Raptor, Sour Patch Kid, Little Lady, Dry Double Hopped Cascadian Dark Ale

Pawrent: Rob | Purchasing & Inventory

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys reorganizing shoes, untying knots, all things food related, and operating forklifts
  • Favorite beer: Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout (good choice, buddy!)
  • Die hard tennis ball fan


Nicknames: Rue, Rude-Boy

Pawrent: Joe | Sales 

Fun Facts:

  • Professional singer. Favorite song: Firetruck sirens
  • Spends most hours of the day watching Ted Lasso, but his favorite thing on TV is the Puppy Bowl


Nicknames: Dex, Mr. Man

Pawrent: Josh | Sales 

Fun Facts:

  • Huge flirt but has a specific type: small, white, fluffy dogs
  • Isn't a fan of Huskies and Germna Shepherds but is working on it
  • Favorite treat is squirrel poop and will seek it out like a truffle pig